Employment Outlook for Medical Transcriptionists

According to the US Labor Bureau, medical transcription employment is expected to grow 6% in the next decade.

The largest growth is predicted to come from physicians’ offices and large group practices, where there is a high demand for standardized records. Hospitals will also continue to employ a large number of medical transcriptionists.

This industry growth is due in part to the growing population of elderly, which will increase the need for medical procedures that need to be performed and documented by medical transcriptionists. Also spurring growth is the demand for more digital documentation, as digital documents can be shared more easily between third-party payers and other groups.

The growth in documentation will also create more demand for editing, including amending patients’ records, editing documents from speech recognition systems and identifying discrepancies in medical reports.

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Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

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