What Is an Online Medical Transcription Program Like?

Online medical transcription courses are condensed and focused on providing real-world skills that can be applied directly to the work world. Students generally read through medical transcription lessons via their school’s Web interface, complete assignments or projects based on what they’ve learned and hand in those assignments through an online drop box.

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Medical Transcription Curriculum

The curriculum for a typical associate’s degree in medical transcription includes both core classes, major classes and elective options. Core courses might include subjects such as:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Communication

Medical transcription major courses might include:

  • Medical law and ethics
  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy/physiology
  • Human diseases
  • Keyboarding and typing
  • Pharmacology and lab medicine
  • Medical records transcription
  • Professional development

Medical Transcription Externships

Medical transcription programs are usually followed by an externship at a facility in your area, to be assigned by your school. Most externships are unpaid, and working hours may vary, but the real-world experience is extremely helpful in finding first-time medical transcription employment.

During an externship, the student practices medical transcription under the supervision of a manager. The student’s performance is then evaluated by the supervisor and the professor in order to determine the grade. The site of the externship is often considered when the graduate is placed by the school’s career center.

Here you can see what medical trainscriptionist programs are available near you.

Online Medical Transcription Programs Enrolling Now

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